Your Mother Ate My Dog!

“Your Mother ate my dog!”

The love lorn Paquita emotes this telling line to the hapless hero Lionel as his now zombiefied mother regurgitates the skin and bone of luckless Paquita’s alsatian.

That’s easily the best line in director Peter Jackson’s 1992 movie gore-fest, ‘Braindead’. The movie is deeper than this line, but not by much.

I was recently re-watching this movie on DVD after many years. Considering the minimal budget it’s a tour de force. When you have no money you are left with no choice but integrate model trams into the action.

The most memorable action is the use of a lawn mower to dis-member zombie after zombie. Maybe that or Lionel’s futile efforts to kill the zombie baby.

The zombies are the result of the carnivorous and deadly bite of the Sumatran rat monkey brought back from Indonesia to Wellington (NZ) zoo. The movie brings this fictional creature to life with some of special effects guru Richard Taylor’s inspired animatronics.

Forget the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ trilology, Braindead is my favourite Peter Jackson movie.

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