Liminal Roadsong

Today I’m your Charon of sorts,
transporting you back to a place,
a life, thought prematurely lost

It’s my honour to help you return,
stopping on the way to pay respects at
the old roadside markers of your life

That look of awe in your eyes as you
gaze up the lake to our destination,
blinking hard to believe it’s real

You’ve navigated this emotional road many times before,
all these hypnotic winding corners passed,
now you’re shedding nervous layers at every turn

Memories reawakened of treasures stashed
under trees at the gates of labours past,
searching for and leaving behind fragments of Self

Your hair billowing again in the
fresh lake-edge wind while you sit
still, quiet, resolute at a final scenic stop

Tentative steps upon arrival, before
being welcomed back like you’ve never left
because your yearning heart never did.

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