Midlife Chrysalis

I’ve been watching you, this past month,
building your cocoon in my home.
I’ve watched you thoughtfully gather
all the delicate strands of your life,
past and painful, present and treasured,
and intricately weave them with such care,
slowly slowly building a safe space
in which to start transforming yourself
from that soul who arrived feeling
everything, in every way, at every moment,
into a future manifested self:
Focused Decisive Committed –
she who now sees her path unfolding
in front of her and knowing
all she has to do is follow it.

I can’t wait to see you again
when you fully emerge, in the months ahead,
blinking hard into the morning sun,
greeting the world anew, gracefully
uncurling yourself to reveal
the beautiful magnificence everyone
has seen in you forever.

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