The 3Ds

Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of the band The 3Ds. This post is in celebration of the fact that they have recently played their first live show in 12 years in North Carolina where their old record label, Merge Records, is based. This little known NZ band is one of those ‘next big things’ who never quite made it. The band split before they could spoil their legacy or realise their full potential.

Word has been about they were reforming now that all members are back living in NZ. In this day of middle-aged rock nostalgia I’m thinking some select shows are in the offing. For some one like me who has all their records but has never seen them live the possibility of a tour would be some sort of sweet realisation.

There’s a cool little review and photos of the 3 songs the band played and guitarist David Mitchell’s antics over at Triangle Music.

For all times sake here’s ‘Hey Seuss’ by The 3Ds (1994)

Swanndri Fail

How is it possible that the iconic NZ brand Swanndri can be out of stock for its iconic Original 100% Wool Bush Shirt?

Surely a Medium Olive version would be available somewhere in New Zealand for sale. Some web manager isn’t doing their job.

One word: Fail

I’ll try again another day.

For now I feel like I’ve had the shop door slammed in my face. For an item that you would buy once every 10 years minimum that’s a really poor experience to have with a brand, to say the least.

3 Things You Should Know

I received an email today from my mate Junior. It read:

The new dinosaur Jr album is sooo damn good.. sounds even better wearing flannel

The new sonic youth album is also very very good.

I saw nunchukka superfly at club 77 last week by myself and about 20 other over 40 and they fucking blew me away.

I tells ya there’s something about personal recommendation – passionate, informed, and real – that will always win out.

Having seen Nunchukka Superfly live with Junior makes his observation even more credible.

5 Indicators You Are Enjoying Your Job

1. It’s Sunday night and you are looking forward to Monday morning.

2. It’s Monday morning and you are not looking forward to Friday afternoon.

3. You go home from work tired, but strangely exhilirated.

4. You don’t have time nor inclination to waste time roaming the Internet during work time.

5. The time you used to spend moaning about your job is now spent talking it up.

Sam Hunt

I was lucky enough to get given a signed serviette from legendary NZ poet Sam Hunt recently.

My parents bumped into him in Matakohe, NZ, of all places. They don’t know him, he was just there, and they know I like his poetry.

Got to think a poet writing his name on a napkin is kind of poetic in itself.

My brother actually has hair from his now departed dog ‘Minstrel’ from years ago.

Surely someone can find time to do a new documentary of Sam performing?

My favourite poem of his would have to be ‘Maintrunk Country Roadsong’.